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Sustainability is critical in this changing, fragile and precious world. Whilst reliance on fossil fuels and social media drive economies, our ethos recognises the need to foster environmental and cultural appreciation and conservation.

One Kangaroo Island offers an immersive, enriching nature-based experience in a stunning, diverse natural environment... and in luxury.

The landscape we bought 27 years ago for guests to enjoy has changed immensely. We have committed our ethos to Walcowrie and then One KI for current and future generations to enjoy.


To build Walcowrie in 1999/2000, on land zoned Coastal Conservation, we volunteered to enter into a binding Land Management Agreement, registered on the land titles of both Walcowrie and One KI. The Agreement terms included the preservation of the land, the coastal dune and the abutting coastal reserve.

On land previously used for growing vegetables and regularly burnt by previous owners, over the years, we have planted many thousands of understory plants and trees.

Our aim has been to tread lightly as a human footprint in a unique private setting. We have restored, rejuvenated and regenerated the land to better connect with nature. The design and functionality of One KI and Walcowrie connect architecture with the natural landscape seamlessly.
Site selection has optimised ocean and bush views, yet created privacy and seclusion for guests, whilst embracing the surrounding habitat.

The path of the sun in Australia is to the north. Both One KI and Walcowrie face north, delivering radiant heat as passive solar heating in winter, and then shading the northern facade in summer. Louvres provide cross-flow ventilation in all bedrooms.

Both villas are powered by solar with battery storage, with surplus power transferred to the electricity grid. 

Both rely entirely on rainwater capture on-site, with reuse and conservation integral.

Paths, access paths and walkways have been minimised to reduce the human footprint, but enhance the guest experience.

Mulch is applied to all landscaped and sensitive coastal areas to prevent soil erosion and improve soil integrity.

One KI and Walcowrie comprise separate vibrant luxury dwellings, floating on the landscape, yet intimately connected with that landscape. Neither villa is visible from the other.

Both feature functional design, large windows with sweeping views and a carefully curated setting. External decking allows for wildlife observation without accessing revegetation areas, optimising the guest experiences.

A wildlife haven has been created by habitat restoration, the placement of many watering points and the placement of nesting boxes used by Western Pygmy Possums, pardalotes, microbats and possums.

The birdwatching is superb. Of the 17 endemic bird species found only on Kangaroo Island, many can be seen on the land.

Through habitat restoration, enhancement and regeneration, we have provided wildlife feeding habitat and improved conservation outcomes for mobile pollinators including insects, birds and mammals.

In this setting, our libraries focus on natural history and conservation. Guests have access to scopes and binoculars and our extensive knowledge.


Ecotourism is defined by Ecotourism Australia as “Ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation”.

This is an exact fit.

We recognise the significant contributions of our staff, contractors, producers and nature-based tour guides, plus our wonderful Island community as a whole. They are all amazing people, each with stories to tell and share.

After the 2019/20 Bushfires, then COVID-19, the Islanders are a resilient community.

We are blessed to have Island producers from wineries to fresh seafood, enabling guests to enjoy truly local food and wine.


Ultimately, immersing guests in a sustainable enterprise, connects guests with our stunning environment in a unique private setting.


For some, the lure of the beautiful beach or a private outdoor bath is hard to resist and justly so.

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