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Years of planning and supervision turned to reality when I toasted the installation of the bath, after One KI had been built.

Tucked east of the house at One KI is an outdoor intimate stone bath, installed on a timber deck, looking directly north onto the beach....yet concealed to others.

In the evening with the falling light, but with the most amazing sunset emerging, I filled it with hot water and applied bubbles.

I sat and watched and listened in the falling light. Curious birds visited and called. A dolphin dipped and rose in the shallows below me and eagle rays flapped at the sea edge.

The sun dropped, it fell away as a ball on the horizon. The clouds turned pink and blue. Night fell when I got into the bath. I really enjoyed that champagne, my spirit overflowing with all that had been achieved. The night sky filled with stars, not one but thousands of them, many of them millions of light years away. This was my special moment in time.

........And a very special thank you to Coreena.


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