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Ask yourself these questions during your stay.

Firstly, what are the wonders about the beach in front of you to explore, experience and enjoy, before asking yourself:

  • Is there privacy and seclusion you will never find in a popular holiday resort?

  • From the retreat, could you walk directly onto the beach, then wade into crystal clear water before submersing yourself?

  • Did you see the myriad of shells that wash ashore?

  • Did you hear the sound of the sea lapping on the white sand?

  • Did you feel you could just keep walking with the soft sand between your toes?

  • Did you see the rare Hooded Plovers and oyster catches that nest on the beach or their offspring. Did a hunting Sea Eagle soar past or the Pacific Gulls squabble and squawk? Did the pelicans and their smaller friends visit at night to fish in the shallows or the dolphins and eagle rays cruise by?

  • Did you see the dawn and hear the bush birds.

  • Did you expect to meet anyone you knew on this beach or feel the need to wear your best clothes like back home?

  • Did you have a glass of wine and watch the sunset over the beach?

  • Did you look up at the stars at night and feel that you were in a special peaceful place, all to yourself?

Secondly, did you want to stay longer?

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